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Site Inspections

Providing Construction Inspection is vital to maintaining safety in most projects we undertake at Ground Civil. Whether a project is at the earthworks or final trimming phase, Construction Inspection is important in order to ensure that all engineering projects completed by our Civil Engineering Firm are safe, stable, and built to last.

We are pleased to offer the following services in the mentioned sectors (but not limited to):

1. Retaining Wall Inspection and Certificates

  • Make sure that the Retaining Walls are built as per the engineering drawings.
  • Issue as constructed certificate by a chartered engineer.
  • Investigate and amend the design to suit your project.

2. Subdivision Inspections

  • Regular site meetings with contractors and clients.
  • Inspections at critical stages to make sure your project is complying with the specifications.
  • Compaction confirmation.

3. Certifications

  • Compaction.
  • Top soil strip.
  • Soil blending.
  • Retaining wall.
  • Roads.

Therefore, if you are looking for a professional civil consulting group for your next project, turn to the experienced team at Ground Civil, Our services include:

  • Site Investigation 
  • Site Inspections.
  • Earthwork Construction Support.
  • Earthworks Recommendations.
  • Verification and Reviews.
  • Design and construction Certificates.

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